Write You a Haskell 2

A continuation of Stephen Diehl's Write You a Haskell

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Like any complicated project, ProtoHaskell is built on the shoulders of giants. Here I’ll keep a running list of papers and websites that I’ve read while working on this project. I’ll try to cite them out of here when one is referenced from a chapter. Please feel free to add missing citations!

In no particular order:

[1] Stephen Diehl. Write You a Haskell. Retrieved from http://dev.stephendiehl.com/fun/

[2] Simon L. Peyton Jones. 1992. Implementing lazy functional languages on stock hardware: the Spineless Tagless G-machine. Journal of Functional Programming 2, 2 (1992), 127–202. Online.

[3] GHC wiki

[4] GHC Source Tree. Many ideas and some implementations are taken and adapted from GHC sources. Header comments on such modules will indicate when this is the case.